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Thanks to our partners, we have the chance to offer on a daily basis fresh and quality products in all our establishments. You will find below a description of our partners with whom we work. By clicking the companies’ logo, you will find more information on their products.


ESKA Natural Spring Water, a product of Eaux Vives Water Inc., comes from a perfectly preserved historic source for water – an esker in Northern Quebec. It emerges from the ground 100% microbiologically pure and is bottled directly from the source thus preserving its incredible taste and purity. As the esker is continuously replenished by snow and rainfall, the source is completely renewable. ESKA Natural Spring Water is one of the purest waters in the world.

Les Éleveurs du dindon du Québec supply our establishments with high quality turkey products. Turkey, rich in proteins and nutriments, low in fat can be cooked in various delicious ways. Students thus have the opportunity to savour local products that receive our nutritionists’ approval.




We are proud to have a partnership with Natrel, a division of the Quebec-based company Agropur. Thanks to this partnership, we can offer students highly nourishing dairy products. Agropur, which has been established for more than 70 years, appears among the leaders of the Canadian dairy farming industry. With this alliance, we can help students in their growth period meet their nutritional needs as well as contribute to our local economy




The company A. Lassonde inc. is proud to provide our establishments with a vast choice of juices OASIS pure 100 %. Juices OASIS are well known to be with no added sugar, nor colouring agent or artificial aromas. A. Lassonde inc., dean of the subsidiaries of Industries Lassonde inc., has for mission to remain pioneer and innovative with its OASIS brand in order to offer to the consumers of quality juices, good for the health.

A Tradition of Excellence Since 1882

Dainty Foods has been bringing rice home to your table for over 130 years. As Canada's pre-eminent rice producer, we offer the highest quality rice and a distinctive line of innovative rice products.

Dainty Foods is dedicated to offering the best quality rice products from around the world. Our objective is to deliver innovative and healthful food products to the consumers we serve.


Rice Eaters are Healthier Eaters
Recent research shows that people who eat rice consume less sugar and saturated fat, have a lower risk of high blood pressure and obesity and may be less likely to develop heart disease and type II diabetes.
(Source – USA Rice Federation)





For many people, oatmeal rhymes with Quaker! Indeed, the brand Quaker has been leading the cereal industry more than 100 years. We can count on this brand to offer to students a delicious and nourishing variety of oatmeal products. Just like us, Quaker knows the importance of adopting healthy eating habits. This is why we are proud of offering these products to our clientele.




Kellogg Canada, the leading manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereal in Canada, is also a partner on which we can count to provide students with quality cereal products. Since its creation, healthy nutrition food drives the company’s success. It has always been known for meeting the most rigorous quality standards. Students can enjoy both great-tasting and nutritious cereal products which help them get the necessary energy to face a day at school.